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Eagle Eye Extreme Sunglasses

Eagle Eye Extreme Sunglasses


The all new Eagle Eyes Extremes come with the same state-of-the-art Eagle Eyes lenses and feature a sporty, stylish, wrap-around design. Eagle Eyes Extremes are made from sturdy nickel silver material and incorporate soft rocker nose pads and rubberized temple ends. Comfort, durability and style is what you get with the Extremes!!

Eagle Eyes Extremes include...

 1 Hard Case 
• 1 Soft Pouch 



The technology is so unique that it holds the following United States and International patents: No. 4,952,046 No. 4,878,748 No. 5,177,509 No. 5,400,175

These glasses not only protect your vision from all the sun's harmful radiation, they actually enhance your vision enabling you to see more clearly in normal, foggy, hazy, or cloudy sunlight conditions.

Eagle Eyes¨ initially seem to brighten viewed surroundings. However, please note that your eyes are comfortable and you feel no need to squint. This is because Eagle Eyes® PST (Polarized Selective Transmission) lenses selectively block 99% of harmful blue and violet light and 100% of damaging ultraviolet radiation below 475nm while allowing the other, visually useful colors of light to pass through. Conventional sunglasses have dark lenses which indiscriminately block much of the useful light without regard for hazardous wavelengths. Dark lenses reduce visibility and shadow perception. Eagle Eyes® glasses, similar to the natural filters within the eyes of hawks and eagles, offer greater safety than conventional sunglasses, without being dark. With this new technology, one can have safety and comfort without resorting to dark lenses that reduce visual acuity.

Eagle Eyes® glasses tend to make scenes more vivid. Harmless wavelength colors (i.e. red, orange, green) are enhanced, while damaging colors in the blue and violet wavelengths are perceived as grey or black.

The Eagle Eyes® Polarized Selective Transmission (PST) lens is the most effective lens on the market to stop blue, violet and ultrviolet light from damaging your eyesight. This lens not only blocks out the harmful wavelengths but also the high intensity glints of reflected sunlight which cause localized areas on the retina of the eye to receive high doses of light. The PST lens combines the numerous advantages of polarization filtering with blue light blocking technology to provide high acuity visibility and eye protection by selectively protecting the eye against damage by light. This unique eye protection lens blocks over 99% of each wavelength below 475nm, effectively removing 100% of the measureable ultraviolet radiation and the blue and violet light hazard. The PST lens provides space age protection, safety and enhancement of vision.

Age related macular degeneration, night blindness and retinitis pigmentosa appear to be linked to violet and blue light exposure. Many of these eye problems, which are gradual and develop over a lifetime, can be lessened or prevented by blocking out violet and blue light exposure with Eagle Eyes® lenses. Conjunctivitis, photokeratitis, photothalmia, snowblindness and other sight abnormalities which have been shown to be caused by ultraviolet radiation, or blue light may be prevented. Visually important and harmless green, yellow, orange and red light rays are allowed to pass freely for enhanced image vision.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists and engineers working on their own, created and perfected the Eagle Eyes® PST lens system. These lenses evolved from the knowledge of the interaction of outer space sunlight, lasers and welding arcs with the human eye.

Eagle Eyes® sunglasses have a unique story. 
Eagle Eyes'® Parent company is a NASA Spin-off company, meaning that Eagle Eyes® evolved from a technology developed by NASA Scientists and Engineers. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists were investigating ways to protect human vision against various ranges of harmful radiation from the invisible and visual spectrum. They looked to nature for a solution. How do eagles and other birds of prey protect their eyes from high-energy sunlight they are exposed to on a daily basis? It turned out that eagles have droplets of oil in their eyes that filter out all harmful radiation. This filtering process dramatically reduces scattering of light and permits only those wavelengths of light to enter their eyes which allow the eagle to have high visual clarity. NASA scientists and engineers working on their own, decided this technology could be used to make sunglass lenses. They simulated natural droplets of oil and incorporated it into a sunglass lens that is now called Eagle Eyes®.

Some of the many prominent people wearing Eagle Eyes® sunglasses include: astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Wally Schirra, Jim Lovell, Russ Schweickart, Stephen Trippel, Charles Duke and Rick Hauck; America's Cup sailing champion Peter Isler; prominent Americans Ronald Regan, George and Barbara Bush; and athletes Bruce Jenner, Terry Pendleton, world marathon runner Lee Hitchcox and over 2 million people like you all over the world!

Daytime use of Eagle Eyes® glasses enhances dark adaptation and night and day vision. After removing Eagle Eyes® lenses upon entering a theater or parking garage from the bright daylight, you will find that you can see objects almost immediately. Instead of feeling blind for several minutes, you will be able to see detail in the shadows without waiting for your eyes to adjust. This fringe benefit may be of particular importance to those involved in night activities such as aviators, search and rescue teams, night drivers, astronomers, etc.

You can safely enjoy being exposed to bright sunlight without its sight damaging effects. Now is the time to change from wearing ordinary light darkening sunglasses to the revolutionary Eagle Eyes¨ eyewear... for the sake of your vision.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 16 May, 2014.
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