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BluBlocker Aniversary Pola

Part Number: BluBlocker Aniversary Pola
Manufacturer Part Number: SGBBAP-12
Price: 16.95

BluBlocker  Aniversary Pola

BluBLocker High Resolution Sunglasses Aniversary Pola Model - Get a polarized pair for a super bargain!

We've introduced this very special value because we want you to experience what it is like to own a pair of polarized BluBlocker sunglasses. This is the same pair of which we sold millions when BluBlocker introduced the concept in 1986. Once you get use to wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses, we know you'll want to order them again and again. Silicone nosepads similar to those found on sunglasses costing over $100, give you good air circulation around your face and prevent slippage. This is your chance to experience polarization.

BluBlocker  Aniversary Pola High Resolution Sunglasses effectively block ultraviolet A, B and C rays. All BlueBlocker Sunglasses block light waves 500 nanometers and below providing more protection against UV light than typical UV400 Lenses. The  polarized lens filters scattered and reflected light. For example, if you look at water with a standard lens, the surface of the water is reflecting light from all different directions so it's difficult to clearly see an object under water. Polarizing the light filters those reflected rays so you can see below the surface of the water.




Carrying case included


BluBlocker provides a limited lifetime warranty covering our sunglasses against manufacturer's defects for the life of your pair. If you need to replace your pair, see our warranty and return instruction page. No warranty of any kind is expressed or implied regarding damage resulting from misuse, neglect, and loss or for any damages arising out of the use of the sunglasses.


BluBlocker Aniversary Pola, As Seen on TV - Seen on TV Products, Please visit our new web site at